CNS Clinical Research

There is a significant medical need for new psychiatric drug therapies. However, the predictive validity of preclinical methods to detect the potential efficacy of novel compounds is poor. A lack of common endpoints between preclinical and clinical measures have also proved to be major limitations in drug development.

Experimental models, including those that utilize neuroimaging technologies, have provided important insights into our understanding of psychiatric disease. Consequently, these approaches are becoming increasingly valuable for drug discovery and development, and the potential translation of preclinical promise to clinical therapeutic benefit


Our services involve us harnessing the potential of experimental medicine approaches to run early, low cost, biomarker-inspired studies that can facilitate proof of mechanism and/or concept, to enable high-quality and timely decision making in CNS drug development. Our Experimental Medicine models cover a variety of disease areas, and using a range of paradigms. Our highly... Read more »

Clinical Trial Services

We provide comprehensive consulting services in essential aspects of psychiatric clinical research. Our expertise spans a number of treatments,...