P1vital Products Ltd has been awarded funding; using i-spero in real World evaluations

We are pleased to announce that P1vital Products Ltd has been awarded funding to help advance research into improving the treatment of depression and anxiety.
P1vital Products Ltd will collaborate with a prestigious University in Canada to translate evidence gathered into effective, engaging and appropriate University student early intervention and prevention initiatives that are evaluable, scalable and sustainable.

The study hopes to;
1) improve access, assessment and care for help-seeking students with anxiety and depression through a new digitally supported multidisciplinary care pathway
2) improve well-being and healthy coping through access to evidence-based digitalised self-help interventions for common student mental health problems
3) improve overall student mental health literacy, well-being and peer-support capacity through an evidence-based interactive online course offered for credit university-wide

PPL is an award-winning company that conducts research into developing software products that improve the treatment of mental health conditions. Their flagship digital health system, i-spero®, provides a comprehensive online tool for the management of depression, including a personalised prediction of antidepressant response and ongoing symptom monitoring.