P1vital® PReDicT Test

A Breakthrough Device to Manage the Treatment of Depression

Cur­rently it takes 4–6 weeks after start­ing anti­de­pres­sant ther­apy before a physi­cian can detect whether the treat­ment is work­ing, and more than 50% of patients fail to respond to the first anti­de­pres­sant pre­scribed. There­fore, it can take months before a physi­cian iden­ti­fies an effec­tive anti­de­pres­sant ther­apy for their patient. Dur­ing this time a patient’s abil­ity to work and func­tion socially is severely impaired. Con­se­quently, patients with depres­sion may be absent from work for many months and this places a sub­stan­tial bur­den on the indi­vid­ual, their fam­ily, health­care resources and the econ­omy. Our CE marked* P1vi­tal® PRe­DicT Test is the first device of its kind, and can pre­dict whether or not an anti­de­pres­sant is work­ing within 1 week of start­ing treat­ment.

P1vital PReDicT Test

The P1vital® PReDicT Test

So how does the P1vital® PReDicT Test work?

Patients complete a simple computerised test online both before and after one week of antidepressant treatment. The P1vital® PReDicT Test device measures subtle changes in the way patients interpret emotional information which is a predictor of subsequent mood change 4-6 weeks later. The P1vital® PReDicT Test can be completed by patients within a clinical facility or at home, with results and associated information presented in a simple-to-understand view. Find out more about:

The PReDicT Project

The objective of the PReDicT project (Predicting Response to Depression Treatment) is to conduct clinical, health economic and commercial research to validate the clinical performance and to complete the pre-commercial development of the P1vital® PReDicT Test. On completion of the PReDicT Project, the P1vital® PReDicT Test will be ready for market launch.

*The P1vital® PReDicT Test has been registered as a CE marked Class I medical device under the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC as amended

The future of PReDicT

Starting in 2018 product design of the commercial i-spero® system was initiated, powered by the P1vital® PReDicT Test. We were awarded Innovate UK Test Bed programme to test i-spero® for the NHS depression treatment pathway in Kent and Coastal and Canterbury CCGs.