Driving innovation in mental health research and treatment is challenging. Whilst the prevalence of mental health issues is on the rise, few new pharmacological compounds in this area making it to market. Hence, there is increasing awareness that what is needed is a novel way of conceptualising mental illness, treating patients, and conducting clinical research.

P1vital considers itself to be at the forefront of such innovation, and uses its unique expertise in experimental medicine and digital health technology to realise new research and healthcare opportunities. At its core, the way that we work brings together researchers from academia and industry, as well as clinicians, regulators, and policy makers, to draw on the best of these worlds through collaboration and shared learning.

In collaboration with internationally renowned opinion leaders, we undertake CNS clinical research and development within psychiatry and neuroscience to further understanding of specific disease mechanisms and provide therapeutic benefit.

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which comprises five industry leaders, two SMEs and four European research centres.