CNS Drug Development and Neuroscience Research

The perfect blend of experts in computer and CNS science,
making a difference through digital technology

Our mission is to use our CNS drug development and neuroscience knowledge in combination with digital technology to enhance clinical insights. We have multiple validated measures that can be used to objectively assess and track changes in behaviour and cognitive function. Our Facial Expression Recognition Task is recognised as a validated clinical assessment that has been implemented in more than 45 clinical trials worldwide.

Dr Gerry Dawson

Chief Scientific Officer and Director, P1vital Ltd 

Jonathan Kingslake

Chief Executive Officer, P1vital Products Ltd 

Rebecca Dias

Director of Operations, P1vital Products Ltd 

Leif Puddefoot

Director of Clinical Data Management, P1vital Products Ltd 

Jas Johal

Director of Business Development, P1vital Products Ltd 

Dr Amy Beckenstrom

Senior Digital Health Scientist, P1vital Products Ltd 

Dr Asad Malik

Head of Statistical Sciences, P1vital Ltd 

Shannon Millard

Associate Scientist, P1vital Ltd 

Lubi Trvalcova

Quality Assurance Manager and Data Protection Officer, P1vital Products Ltd