Neuropsychology-based technology

Our digital technologies for clinical trials and commercial healthcare solutions are underpinned by objectively driven neuroscience research

Enhance clinical outcomes
Use objective performance measures to enhance clinical outcome assessments
Enrich study populations
Implement biomarkers to improve sensitivity to treatment
Empower R&D programs
Leverage translational and transdiagnostic approaches

20+ years of experience in implementing digital biomarkers

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Full-service scientific solutions

  • Consultancy
  • Task build and validation
  • Clinical study design
  • Implementation
  • Analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Reporting

Power in partnership

  • Work with us and our key opinion leader network to enrich your trial design
  • We are leaders in pre-competitive consortia
  • Advancing science through public-private partnership
  • Proven clinical trial ready digital technologies
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Spotlight: the P1vital Facial Expression Recognition Task (FERT)

P1vital Facial Expression Recognition Task
  • An industry-recognised objective measure of emotional bias in patient populations
  • Validated clinical instrument for numerous indications including: depression and treatment resistant depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, cognitive decline, dementia, autistic spectrum disorders
  • Sensitive to the antidepressant and anxiolytic effects of CNS compounds with diverse mechanisms of action
  • Excellent test-retest reliability

P1vital Performance Rated Outcomes

We design and develop innovative digital behavioural and cognitive tasks. Our pre-validated library includes:

Emotional Processing

Facial Expression Recognition Task
Emotional Categorisation Task
Emotional Recall Task
Emotional Memory Task
Face Dot Probe Task

Reward Processing

Effort Expenditure for Rewards Task (subject to 3rd party license)
Grip Strength Effort Task
Probabilistic Learning Task
Working Memory Reversal Learning Task

General cognitive ability and processing speed

Digit Symbol Substitution Test

Response Impulsivity

(Affective) Go No-Go Task

Verbal memory

Word Encoding Task
Word Recall Task
Word Recognition Task

Social processing and cognition

Multifaceted Empathy Task
Social Value Orientation Task
Facial Expression Recognition Task

Neuroimaging Solutions

Functional imaging paradigms and clinical research expertise from data acquisition to analysis

Digital brain at your fingertips