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Our eCOA system optimises study and data management, increases compliance, reduces user burden and cost

Patient Reported Outcomes
Clinician Reported Outcomes
Observer Reported Outcomes
Performance Outcomes

P1vital eCOA offers a full suite of electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA), capturing how patients are feeling and behaving. P1vital eCOA offers custom features, as well as the four types of COA: PRO, ClinRO, ObsRO, PerfO.

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P1vital eCOA: Capturing measurements based on a:

  • Report that comes directly from a participant (ePRO)
  • Report that comes directly from a health care professional (eClinRo)
  • Report performed by someone other than the patient or clinician (e.g. a caregiver) about the patient’s observable signs, events or behaviour (eObsRo)
  • Standardised task(s) (ePerfO)

P1vital’s expertise in CNS research improves endpoint collection and ensures more accurate results

Our experts configure P1vital eCOA specifically for your study. We implement cognitive and behavioural tasks within our eCOA, providing a platform to capture all your endpoints more reliably and accurately.

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Pre-validated Questionnaire and Task Library
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