The Wider Benefits

More informed decisions for physicians

With crucial information at their fingertips, physicians can get the patient on the right medication more quickly which decreases the time taking an ineffective treatment and the associated side effects. The P1vi­tal® PReDicT Test improves clinical outcomes without increasing a physician’s workload.

Reduced healthcare costs

Direct healthcare costs in Europe were estimated to be €24 billion in 2010. As the patient will be more effectively treated from the outset, contact time with physicians, including costly surgery-based appointments, is reduced. The time and cost associated with secondary services and consultants’ appointments and pharmaceutical prescriptions will also be reduced.

The Costs of Depression in Europe
The Costs of Depression in Europe

Reduced economic burden on employers and society

Functional disability due to depression can occur in terms of absenteeism, ‘presenteeism’ (being at work while unwell), job loss or early retirement. The indirect costs in Europe were estimated to be €54 billion in 2010 making lost productivity (e.g. due to sick leave and early retirement) the greatest contributor to the overall economic burden of depression.